What if I can’t spend my Trade Dollars?

When you join the network, a comprehensive business analysis is conducted with you so we can identify potential suppliers already available in the 6,000-strong member network. If there are insufficient suppliers available to suit your business requirements, we will work with you to bring on additional new suppliers to satisfy your needs. Many of Bartercard’s top trading members have successfully improved their business profitability by being proactive in their recommendation and referral of new suppliers to provide them with the products and services they need to run a successful business.

We don’t claim to be able to provide all members with everything they need. We do find that when members are engaged and communicate with their Bartercard Branch, appropriate spends can be identified.

Bartercard is often seen as an excellent way to reward high performing staff in service firms. Some businesses even give staff their own Bartercard cards, which is credited each quarter based on performance so staff can draw upon it as they wish. It’s a great opportunity for individuals to make lifestyle purchases.

You can learn some other useful tips and tricks on how to incentivise staff with Trade Dollars in our blog ‘How to incentivise and reward your staff’.

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